★☆ Perhatian: Jaga Keselamatan Anak & Patuhi Peraturan Lalu Lintas!☆★

★☆ 18/3-9/6.2020 MCO !☆★

Program Bacaan & Pertandingan Kuiz Bahasa Cina SJKC WPKL

Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the school has been suspended for nearly two months. During the suspension, students are unable to study at school, and the easiest activity for students to study at home is reading. The Kuala Lumpur Education Bureau therefore invited the Malaysian Chinese Council to cooperate in organizing the "Chinese Reading Program and Q & A Competition" for the Kuala Lumpur Elementary School. The event covered 50,000 Chinese students in Kuala Lumpur.
The organizer hereby invites Vice Minister of Education Datuk Dr. Ma Hanshun to host the promotion for this event. The reading activity of the Kuala Lumpur Elementary School is through the use of an online platform, the content of the China Children's Literature Network. The ability of Chinese is to master through a lot of reading, so I hope teachers and parents can actively cooperate with this reading activity to help promote and cultivate students' good reading habits.
The reading plan is from May 8 to May 24; the quiz is from May 27 to 29.
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