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Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year Festival is celebrated by the Chinese community all around the word .It is also more widely known as the Spring Festival , because it marks the beginning of spring.

The origin and history of the Chinese New Year Festival has many legends . The most popular legend is about the 'Nian'. The 'Nian' has a huge mouth and sharp teeth that would swallow many people with one bite. Some years ago, every new year, the ‘Nian’ would appear in a village and feed on people. The people were very scared.

After some time, an old man came and said to the ‘Nian’ `I have heard that you were very powerful and capable, but can you swallow the other beast of the world instead of humans? Then the ‘Nian’ flew away. The old man then told the villagers to hang red papper on the walls and make loud noises incase the ‘Nian’ came back. Then the old man was seen riding the ‘Nian’. It turn out that the old man was an immortal god from heaven sent to help the people. So, the word “GuoNian’ means survive the ‘Nian’.

In Malaysia, people celebrate Chinese New Year mainly by visiting friends and relatives. In the day, fire- crackers are being set off and in the night, the sky is lit up by fire-works. But this year, the government has ban playing fire-crackers.

It is also my favourite time of the year and I am ready to collect `Ang Pau’ and play fireworks.

Nigel Tham 6C