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My Chinese New Year

My name is Aliff, and I want to tell you about my Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is a happy time, a time to rejoice and have fun with family and friends. To spend quality time with loved ones. And to usher in the New Year.

Chinese New Year is one of the happiest days in my life, because I get to have fun with my family. I’m about to tell you what happened during my last New Year holiday.

Feb 13,
We are trying to get ready for the New Year. Packing our bags, we head for my grandmother’s house to decorate the house.

Feb 14,
Just one more day till New Year. The whole family has arrived and is helping us to prepare for the celebrations. They are praying, while we are too, but in a different way.

Feb 15,
Yay! Chinese New Year is here! Soon everybody was in the mood to celebrate, even after they just got out of bed. First, we went to look at a lion dance. Then, people were coming into our house just as fast as they were leaving! They all gave us Ang Pow too! At the end of the day, everybody was sitting down for dinner, except me, my mother and my father. We had to eat something else. But I was lucky. My mother bought McDonalds! After dinner, we played a lot of games, including Pictionary, Twister, Monopoly and Bingo. We were having so much fun then.

Feb 16,
People were coming to our house again, and we felt tired from helping everyone greet our visitors. Still, we were happy. At night, we played another game, telling ghost stories!

Feb 17,
We had to go home because the holidays were ending, but we had so much fun! I was thinking, next time we come here, I'll be thinking of a lot of games!

Thank you!

Aliff 6C