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★☆ 18/3-9/6.2020 MCO !☆★

26.3.2020 Data Percuma YTL Yes 4G

With the ongoing Movement Control Order which has been extended until 14th April, YTL Group has announced that they are providing free data to enable school children from public schools to continue learning at home. Parents can order their free Yes 4G SIM and it will be delivered to their doorstep for free.

To get the free Yes 4G SIM, parents will need to register online and provide documentation such as MyKad for both parents and child. A WhatsApp video call is also required for verification and this will be conducted within 24 hours of application. Once approved, the SIM will be delivered in the next business day or within 3 days for those outside the Klang Valley.

👍Jika anda perlu data percuma
Tekan link ini :https://shop.yes.my/shop/onlineSaleRegister.do?itemCode=100358Y
Nombor IC anda dan no mykid murid

1. 去Play Store下载FrogPlay Mobile
2. 如果您的孩子没有ID您可以在
➡SCHOOL VLE URL: https://frog.school
3. 然后Continue with Facebook
4. Login with Facebook
5. 接受terms and conditions

👍通过Pelangi的课程进行学习  http://ytlfoundation.org/learn
 YTL Foundation: Free 40GB data & Sumber Pembelajaran untuk semua murid sekolah kerajaan. Ibubapa boleh mohon sekarang di http://ytlfoundation.org/learn.