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Minta Perhatian Ibu Bapa !


这是个 不确实的信息。假如有任何和学校有接触的人士被感染,有关单位(教育局,卫生局)都会对学校进行相关的调查甚至封锁。但到目前为止,校方並没有收到任何消息。而且 校长並没有这个权力 去掩盖有关消息。


各位家协理事昨晚上流传一个whatsapp 是 fake news 假新闻

Fake news!!! Fake news!!!

Dear parents, I believe most of you have been receiving a message regarding one of the school student's parent are infected with Covid 19.

The source of news is fake. If anyone related to school gets infected, MoE and MoH will be the 1st to contact school and take necessary actions including of closure. But so far there school is not been notified of the case. Furthermore, headmaster does not have rights or power to cover such news.
School and PIBG are doing the best to ease the epidemic spreading. We are screening the students temperature and spraying sanitizer their hands daily at gate 1 and 4.
We truly hope that school is getting your full support and trustworthy in anyway. Thank you.
*You all are welcome to join us at this critical moment*